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 The Ascendant
Balance how you look with who you are by learning more about your astrological Ascendant, or Rising Sign. How do you face the world? Are you centered? Are you poised? How well do you handle blind dates and job interviews? Your astrological Ascendant, the sign rising in the east at your birth, is the face you wear in the world, your social self, your astrological "clothing". Your Ascendant is just as important in your birth chart as your Sun and Moon. Join astrologer and novelist Jodie Forrest... (Paperback and Kindle)

 The Rhymer And The Ravens
What would you do if you suddenly became both infinitely psychic and unable to tell even the smallest lie? And if you were also exiled from your homeland, destitute, and unhappily in love with a darkly seductive Elf who'd forced you to undertake an impossible quest? Such is the Fate of Tomas the Rhymer, the reluctant poet-hero of this historical fantasy, wherein the Celtic and Norse realms of Elves, gods and spirits converge with Viking Age Europe's real events and shifting world-views--and evoke some haunting parallels with our own era's rapid changes.

 The Elves' Prophecy
In this trilogy's first novel, The Rhymer and the Ravens: The Book of Fate, the Nordic-Celtic bard Tomas's encounter with Moira, the Elf Queen, catalyzed his recognition of his true nature and his initiation into the Ars Magica--the magic arts.
In The Elves' Prophecy, Tomas the Rhymer learns to use his magecraft. Accompanied by his new raven-allies, he's going his own way and finding his own teachers now, yet there's something that Moira hasn't told him...

 The Bridge: The Book Of Necessity

Nordic-Celtic historical fantasy set in late ninth-century Europe, the conclusion to the trilogy that began with THE RHYMER AND THE RAVENS and continued with THE ELVES' PROPHECY.
Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: Seven Paws Pr (November 1, 1998)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0964911329
ISBN-13: 978-0964911321

 Skymates #1
In this positive, and radically expanded edition of their classic book on the astrology of relationships, Steven and Jodie Forrest emphasize freedom of choice, honest communication, and mutual psychological understanding as the keys to satisfying, lasting intimacy. Drawing on countless hours with clients, the Forrests weave a coherent blend of astrology, modern psychology and reincarnation. Beginners as well as professional astrologers will particularly love the extensive and detailed “cookbook” sketches of planets in the relationship houses. Saturn in your House of Marriage? Your Sun squares your partner’s Venus? Just look it up. The first edition of SKYMATES became a cult classic; this new one goes light years further.

 Skymates #2
Learn the art of reading composite charts - the hidden "third wheel" in every relationship. A person whose life drifts away from the blueprint of his or her birthchart grows dull, flat and depressed. It is the same for a couple - if their life together departs from the spirit of their composite chart, their relationship runs out of gas. They stop talking. Sex evaporates. They would rather watch TV than look into each others' eyes. In this book the Forrests provide the tools you need to explore this powerful astrological technique - theory, real-life practical examples, and an extensive cookbook section where you can jump-start your interpretations by looking up the precise meaning of any configuration.

In the first volume of Skymates they showed us how to compare charts. Now , they take it a step further, illustrating that the in every relationship, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.